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The whole range of logistics services is available to our customers. We prepare the documents necessary for delivery, check the delivered cargo and its preservation, we deliver it to the right place on time. All works are performed by experienced professionals


When you choose us, you can be sure that the package arrives undamaged—we store all the goods in our company’s consolidation warehouse regardless of the type of transportation.

road transport

Delivery by road transport is still considered the most popular transport method. Our cars have high mobility so that we can deliver your cargo at any time to any point.


We will organise the whole transportation process from start to finish. The delivery of the cargo is under our control from start to finish, all documents are prepared on time, the cargo will be accompanied along the whole route. We will take care of the details of the process.

Transport of

This type of transport allows you to deliver small and large goods quickly and without problems. An increasing amount of companies use the transport of containers.

Scheme of combined
cargo delivery

In order to combine such a cargo quickly and safely and deliver it on time to the target, the transport process must include several intermediate stages. This helps to smoothen the complex process.


Several types of vehicles from our company are at your disposal: compact microvans, trucks, tippers, 15-metre trailers. We can handle any cargo regardless of its dimensions and weight.

Transport of
large goods

Non-standard dimensions of the goods can cause a lot of problems to the employees. Therefore, this domain requires a lot of professional experience and competence.


Cargo crosses significant distances and we try to protect it from damage, loss, death, theft and other such cases. We try to save your money and minimise risks.

Regions and directions

Our goods are delivered all over the world. The most requested directions are CIS, Europe and Turkey; delivery to all over Russia is possible.

We will take care of the safe and
complete delivery!

The company Aisance Logistic is your reliable partner