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Delivery of goods

in Europe, Russia and CIS

We combine all of the most necessary services so that you can do your business and leave transport to us

Experience since 1994

You will experience no transport problems thanks to our knowledge and skills

Own fleet

We can offer you the best price as we use our own fleet

Transport of goods starting from 20 kg

We will give you a personal logistician even for the transportation of smaller items


Load with various levels of complexity will be delivered on time thanks to our network of partners.


We value highly our experience and honest reputation,
but we offer our customers also other advantages:

Warehouse complexes in Europe

Warehouses are not only for storage. We consolidate and check quality and orders on the basis of the invoices

Independent declaration

Due to the lack of mediators we can offer a better price —a whole team of declarants works for us in Europe and Russia. They are promptly available for issuing all of the necessary documents and organise the logistic process from start to finish.

Comprehensive service

Our services meet the needs of companies with any size working in any field. We offer you high-quality services—you can concentrate more on your business.

Express delivery for items up to 1100 kg

We can transport goods within the shortest deadline. For example, land transport from Germany to St. Petersburg in 48 hours.


when turning to the majority of transport companies?

Not meeting the deadlines

Incompetent companies often cause delays in the delivery of goods, caused by bad organisation, poor preparation of documents, problems with the fleet used: car delays and cars not taking the correct route, technical difficulties in car transport, lack of control over the delivery process.

Overpaying for the services

When co-operating with incompetent companies, there is always a risk of additional costs. Transportation is made using different mediators and load is held in different reloading warehouses, which puts the maintaining of the load under a risk so customer may pay an extra 65% of the delivery price.

Damaged cargo

Due to the carelessness of the employees, the wrong choice of delivery or the use of transport with serious technical problems, additional cost my apply.  Often dishonest companies do not take material responsibility for the load.

Would you like to avoid such problems?

We will take care of the safe and complete delivery!
The company Aisance Logistic is your reliable partner